The legendary Pentagram recently released their double-disc DVD collection, “All Your Sins“, via Peaceville, and if you haven’t picked it up yet, we have a reason for you to right now! The doom icons have uploaded a clip from 1987 of the band performing “Relentless” and “Broken Vows” in our nation’s capital, and it’s absolutely awesome. It’s raw, and old school as hell, but exactly what you can expect from the new release! Check out the old school clip below, and be sure to order your copy of “All Your Sins” today!

Full DVD Track Listing:


1 Death Row Live at the Silver Fox – 1983
2 CBGBs – 1985
3 The Seagull Inn – 1985
4 The Hung Jury Pub – 1987
5 930 Club – 1993


1 The Paragon – 1993
2 The End – 2010
3 John Dee, Oslo – 2012
4 The DNA Lounge – 2014





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