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This past weekend I was watching the Behind The Music Remastered on Pantera on VH1 Classic and had forgotten all about Pantera’s early “glam” days as had been stated in the show. Since I wasn’t really much of a Pantera fan back then, I figured let’s take a trip today back to 1988 to the first Pantera album with singer Phil Anselmo, Power Metal.

The album released on Metal Magic Records is actually somewhat more thrashier than their earlier releases and includes the track, Proud to be Loud which was produced by Keel guitarist, Marc Ferrari. The album was produced by Dimebag and Vinny Paul’s father, Jerry Abbott (he also produced some of Pantera’s earlier albums as well) who is a producer and country music songwriter.



The track listing for Power Metal is as follows:

1) Rock The World
2) Power Metal
3) We’ll Meet Again
4) Over and Out
5) Proud to be Loud
6) Down Below
7) Death Trap
8) Hard Ride
9) Burnnn!
10) P*S*T* 88

Pantera went on to become one of the most successful metal bands in the world releasing several successful albums. As is well documented, due to tensions in the band and Phil Anselmo’s drug use, the band started working on side projects. The metal world suffered a huge loss when Dimebag was shot and killed in 2004 on stage in Columbus, OH at a Damageplan show. While rumors have surfaced of a possible reunion, Vinny Paul has stated numerous times that a reunion will never happen. Vinny formed a new band Hellyeah, while bassist Rex Brown is currently in Kill Devil Hill. Phil Anselmo has been involved with many side projects and is currently working on a solo album due to be released this year. Check out the YouTube video below from 1989 with a guest appearance by none other than Slayer’s Kerry King.



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