Ozzy Osbourne Talks Health, Drugs And The Music Scene Today With Jack Osbourne!

The heavy metal godfather, Ozzy Osbourne, released his new single CD, a 2-DVD set, “Memoirs Of A Madman,” today via Epic/Legacy. This collection includes a CD full of his biggest hits, plus all of the videos he’s ever released and more! It’s a MUST HAVE for all Ozzy fans, and just another reminder on the huge impact that he has had over the years in the music scene. To celebrate it’s release, the good people at Noisey have uploaded the first of three amazing chats with the legendary front man, hosted by his son, Jack Osbourne! In this first episode, you’ll see the two discuss health, drugs, how kids don’t know what “jamming” is, and much more! It’s an awesome watch, as you’d never get this banter between Ozzy and a random interviewer. This is only insight his son could bring out of him! Enjoy it below!


Via Noisey

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