The heavy metal godfather, Ozzy Osbourne, has revealed that he will be releasing a new single CD, a 2-DVD set of his classics titled “Memoirs Of A Madman,” and it will be hitting stores on October 7th via Epic/Legacy! Ozzy has had a few “greatest hit” collections, but this one includes all of the music videos, classic live performances and more on the DVD’s! For any Ozzy fan, this looks like a MUST HAVE! The full details are below:

01 – “Crazy Train“
02 – “Mr. Crowley“
03 – “Flying High Again“
04 – “Over The Mountain“
05 – “Bark At The Moon“
06 – “The Ultimate Sin“
07 – “Miracle Man“
08 – “No More Tears” (edit)
09 – “Mama, I’m Coming Home“
10 – “Road To Nowhere“
11 – “Perry Mason“
12 – “I Just Want You“
13 – “Gets Me Through“
14 – “Dreamer“
15 – “I Don’t Wanna Stop“
16 – “Life Won’t Wait“
17 – “Let Me Hear You Scream“
The 2-DVD set features an elaborate collection of music videos, behind the scenes footage, live performances and interviews:

DVD 1:
‘The Music Videos’:
“Bark At The Moon“
“So Tired“
“The Ultimate Sin“
“Lightning Strikes“
“Crazy Train“
“Miracle Man“
“Crazy Babies“
“Breaking All The Rules“
“No More Tears“
“Mama, I’m Coming Home“
“Mr. Tinkertrain“
“Time After Time“
“Road To Nowhere“
“I Don’t Want To Change The World” (Live)
“Perry Mason“
“I Just Want You“
“See You On The Other Side“
“Back On Earth“
“Gets Me Through“
“In My Life“
“I Don’t Wanna Stop“
“Let Me Hear You Scream“
“Life Won’t Wait“
“Let It Die“

“Mama, I’m Coming Home” (alternate version)
“The Making of Let Me Hear You Scream“
“The Making of Life Won’t Wait“

DVD 2:
Rochester, NY 1981:
“I Don’t Know” (live)
“Suicide Solution” (live)
“Mr. Crowley” (live)
“Crazy Train” (live)
Ozzy’s Bunker
Albuquerque, NM 1982:
“Over The Mountain” (live)
MTV 1982 New York, NY 1982:
“Fairies Wear Boots” (live) (Black Sabbath cover) (clip)
Ozzy’s Bunker
Entertainment USA 1984 Kansas City, MO 1986: (Jake E Lee, Phil Soussan, Randy Castillo)
“Bark At The Moon” (live)
“Never Know Why” (live)
Ozzy’s Bunker:
“Killer Of Giants” (live)
“Thank God For The Bomb” (live)
“Secret Loser” (live)
Ozzy’s Bunker:
Philadelphia, PA 1989: (Zakk Wylde, Geezer Butler, Randy Castillo)
“Bloodbath In Paradise” (live)
“Tattooed Dancer” (live)
“Miracle Man” (live)
MTV 1989 Marquee, UK 1991: (Zakk Wylde, Mike Inez, Randy Castillo)
“Bark At The Moon” (live) (clip)
Studio 1992 – San Diego, CA 1992: (Zakk Wylde, Mike Inez, Randy Castillo)
“I Don’t Want To Change The World“
“Road To Nowhere“
Japan 1992 – Ozzy’s Bunker:
“No More Tears“
Studio 1992:
MTV 1992:
“Mama, I’m Coming Home” (live)
“Ozzmosis” Recording Session 1995
‘Ozzfest‘ 1996: (Joe Holmes, Robert Trujillo, Mike Bordin)
“Perry Mason” (live)
Fame & Fortune:
Tokyo, Japan 2001: (Zakk Wylde, Robert Trujillo, Mike Bordin)
“Gets Me Through” (live)
Fame & Fortune:
‘Ozzfest‘ 2007 (Zakk Wylde, Blasko, Mike Bordin)
“Not Going Away” (live)
“Black Rain” Photo Shoot
Las Vegas, NV 2007: (Zakk Wylde, Blasko, Mike Bordin, Adam Wakeman)
“I Don’t Wanna Stop” (live)
“Scream” Recording Session 2010
London, England 2010: (Gus G, Blasko, Tommy Clufetos, Adam Wakeman)
“Let Me Hear You Scream” (live)
Philadelphia, PA 1989: (Zakk Wylde, Geezer Butler, Randy Castillo)
“Flying High Again” (live)
Tokyo, Japan 2001: (Zakk Wylde, Robert Trujillo, Mike Bordin)
“Believer” (live)


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