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Our Last Drop: “Houston, Gond Van” EP Review


Our Last Drop: “Houston, Gond Van” EP Review

What has been the most amazing thing about our involvement with Steel Panther? Not only hearing incredible metal and hard rock from around the world but being exposed to new bands and artists. This is why I am beyond stoked to introduce you to one of the hottest upcoming bands here in Hungary. For those of you who don’t know, King Rhino relocated to Budapest last year for love and is absolutely digging it in Europe. So, without further ado, may I present the Hungarian heavyweights  Our Last Drop.

The band just released their first EP, Houston, Gond Van (Houston, We Have A Problem), and it is a shining example of how good these guys are at what they do. At first they were worried that they don’t sing in English. I said, “Hey! I don’t speak a word of German but I sing along with every Rammstein song I hear!”. Music is universal, babies. Do you know how many bands sing in English because they feel they have to in order to gain an audience but don’t understand a single word they’re singing? At least Our Last Drop stayed true to their Hungarian roots and mother tongue. Respect.

Houston, Gond Van is a great introduction to the band. It may be only four songs long, but it packs one hell of a wallop in a short time. Production values are spot on, with clean crisp sound and kickass playing accompanied by pitch perfect vocals. I’ll take that every time. Our Last Drop are made up of Harmath Zoltán (Guitar/Vocals), Pállfy Patrik (Guitar/Vocals), Szabó István Kristóf (Bass), Névai Krisztián (Drums), Balogh Dávid (Vocals).

So, expose yourself to a new culture. Go to their Bandcamp page and check out Our Last Drop. Be the first of your friends to say, “Man, I discovered this awesome Hungarian band you should hear!” In these days of political unrest, cultural differences, economic strife, and all the other day to day bullshit that tears us apart, let music bring us together. Our Last Drop get the King Rhino Seal of Approval.

Buy Houston, Gond Van here!

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