Otep_Sounds Like Live

Otep Shamaya is bringing her live ferocity to the masses via Sounds like Armageddon, Otep‘s first live recording.

“Battle Ready” opens up the show with a worthy, headbanging, circle pit-inducing little ditty.  All the crowd faves are included here. “Fillthee” kicks you right in the face next; Otep‘s trademark growls and screams are ever present here.  This is high energy at it’s best.

Otep roll through all the classics like “Blood Pigs,” “Crooked Spoons” and “Rise, Rebel, Resist.”  “Ghostflowers” and “My Confession” are poetic and feature spoken word breakdowns, but it gets a bit drawn out here … even a bit boring. They wrap things up with “Fists Fall,” then a cool cover of Nirvana’s “Breed.”

If you are a nu-metal and/or an Otep fan, you will eat this right up.

Sounds Like Armageddon is out now on Victory Records

Rating: 3/5


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