Otep: "Generation Doom" Album Review By King Rhino!

In a perfect world, Otep would be a major, superstar act. How this band has never garnered the fame and attention it so obviously deserves confuses the living fuck out of me. Seriously, music fans? Quit listening to the crap that the major record companies are shoving down your throats and up your asses, discover this band and support the living hell out of them!

Generation Doom is an incredibly complex and cohesive album that plays out like an aural multimedia extravaganza. I would love to see this album performed in it’s entirety onstage. Sure, each track stands alone with Otep‘s brilliant vocals, lyrics and playing, but to be able to feast your ears and eyes in one fell swoop would probably cause brains to implode and balls to empty themselves involuntarily. Stand-out tracks like “Zero,” “God Is A Gun” and the title track are the cherries on the sonic sundae that is Generation Doom.

I’d love to rate Otep‘s Generation Doom a six on a scale of five, but I know Brother Jamie Lee, our album reviews editor, would bitchslap me in the back of the head, so …

Generation Doom is out April 15 on Napalm Records. Pre-order it here!

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Otep - Generation Doom


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