Ormskrik: “Ormskrik” Album Review


Ormskrik: “Ormskrik” Album Review

The teenage blackened thrash band Ormskrik’s self-titled debut takes a lot of influence from a lot of different heavy genres and brings them together into one unique album. Though being blackened thrash, Ormskrik has a lot of death metal influence as well, and they bring all these genres together really well.

The album starts off with an epic build-up in “Occultness” and continues from there to demonstrate the band’s unique and exciting sound. Another song that stands out on this record include “Destroyer Of Worlds,” which does a good job at capturing multiple ends of the spectrum with and intense black metal style verses, thrashy sections scattered throughout, and an acoustic bridge that keeps it complete and a really good representation of their sound. “March Of The Dead” puts the thrash intensity up to a 10 and even has a breakdown near the end.

The song lengths on Ormskrik are varied, with the shortest song being just over a minute to the longest being around seven-and-a half minutes. But whether the song is long or short, they all pack a unique punch and the variation on an album like this makes it very relistenable and brings something for everyone.

Ormskrik is done really damn well and considering the fact that this is the band’s debut, and it makes me really excited for future releases. If you’re looking for something new, unique, heavy, and with a wonderful album cover, Ormskrik’s self-titled album is for you.

Ormskrik is out now on Fysisk Format. Buy it here!

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