Orbit Culture: “Nija” Album Review


Orbit Culture: “Nija” Album Review

Orbit Culture mix elements across genres to make their upcoming album Nija to something really special. With thrashy riffs, deathcore-style breakdowns, full-on death metal elements, and even atmospheric sections on a few songs, they achieve some really interesting sounds on this record.

The album-opening “At the Front” starts with a sick drum fill going into a death metal type verse which leads to a clean sung chorus. Both the screamed and clean vocals are really solid throughout Nija, and there is a pretty good balance of both.

On top of the vocals, the instrumentation throughout the album is really solid. Each instrument has a highlight, although they also work together really well in the many divergent sections from song to song. A good example of this is the song “Day Of The Cloud” which starts with a djenty-type rhythmic riff with drums that provide a really smooth build up into a thrashy verse which leads into a melodic chorus. Later in the song, the bass lends itself really well to an atmospheric section adding that extra layer of depth.

A stand-out on Nija is the track “North Star Of Nija” given its heaviness and flow, starting with a trudging riff that continues into the chorus. Another impressive track is “Rebirth,” probably the most melodic song on Nija, with its meaningful lyrics and varied instrumentation, including strings and operatic background singing.

Nija is out August 7 on Seek and Strike. Buy it here!

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