AMAZING news from the Opeth camp! The Swedish metal giants have revealed in an interview with Loudwire that they hope to have their new album out by June! When asked about the direction of the new material, Mikael Åkerfeldt said “If it sounds like us, that’s good. And if it sounds like something we don’t know, that’s also good. This album has some parts that sound like us and some parts that sound kind of new too. It’s a bit heavier than ‘Heritage‘ at times and it’s a bit more melodic. I think it should be a bit easier to get into this record because there’s a lot of focus on the melodies. We’re a progressive band. Sometimes we sound like a metal band and sometimes we don’t.

Opeth last release, “Heritage,” came out to mixed emotions from fans all around the world. The fans of the previously heavier material were not happy, but fans of the previous melodic material were happy as hell. For me, it was a record that had to grow on me. At first I was a fan of a few songs, but the more I listened and fully grasped what the album brought to table, I’m absolutely in love with the record now. For three years they’ve heard that people want the heaviness back, so I would hope that some would appear on the new album, but for me, any new Opeth material is a musical blessing, so BRING IT ON!

Let’s watch a full concert from Sydney in celebration of the good news, shall we?


Via Loudwire


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