Onslaught: “Generation Antichrist” Album Review


Onslaught: “Generation Antichrist” Album Review

Time for some more killer thrash! Onslaught’s upcoming album, Generation Antichrist, is fast, intense, and filled with killer guitar solos. 

Onslaught, formed back in 1982 in the United Kingdom, put out three albums before breaking up in 1991. The band reformed in 2005 and added another four albums to their name with Generation Antichrist being the fourth. This album is also Onslaught’s first with their new vocalist Dave Garnett who does a great job filling in that spot.

The title track of Generation Antichrist has a dark intro with someone ranting about the lies of religion before blasting into a fast and heavy riff that will get you headbanging. The only track to upstage this one, though, is “Religiousuicide.” This track has a lot of things that I love about thrash, including intens and memorable lyrics, a fast and heavy instrumental segment, a kickass guitar solo, and a chant that makes it a song that I would love to see played live.

I’ve mentioned the solos a couple times already, but man, they are all really sick. The guitar work from Nige Rockett and Wayne Dorman is definitely a highlight of this album. Aside from just the solos, the album also features some really cool and memorable riffs throughout, like the one on “Addicted To The Smell Of Death.”

Generation Antichrist has a lot of aspects that I love to see in thrash, and the whole album gives off a classic vibe but with a fresh sound that compliments it really well. 

Generation Antichrist is out August 7 on AFM Records. Buy it here!

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