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Lately I’ve been on a quest for some new music since I’m bored and have a shit ton of time on my hands. Let me tell you this journey has been filled with hits and misses…Oh so many misses. Anyways let’s get down to business … defeat the huns!!!! Here are 4 bands that I’m aiming at and ready to fire.


First off I`d like to start off with a band called Tempel. I have to say this is my first time listening to them. Such a spooky mesmerizing experience while listening to them. They are a straight up post rock metal infused instrumental band. I could use a bunch of adjectives to describe how they make me feel but I’m just going to respond with facial expressions that you can’t see. Check out their album, “On The Steps of the Temple.”


Next on to a band that has been around for a while but along my search on the internet, I’m finding there isn’t much coverage on them. Shameful! The Plasmarifle is a Canadian band (whoop whoop) that fell into my lap by a suggestion from a friend. I instantly felt like I had a heart attack from the awesomeness being produced by this band. Suggestion Plasmarifle, hurry up and get some funky tunes out. My ears are waiting patiently.


Here`s something super heavy for you so strap on your diaper because the brutality from this band is about to make you shit your pants. I’ve listened to Aborted Fetus in the past but lately digging them extra hard. Sometimes a girl has to listen to songs about torture and murder to get all warm and fuzzy inside. I say be on the lookout for their new album set to be released in February.


Last but not least band on my fancy journey to funky town is a local unsigned band named Sinthetik. Not many bands in my area can pull this off this effortlessly. Trust me, my town is full of people who walk around in Duck Dynasty t-shirts so not much metal is happening unless you dig for it. Listening to them I found myself feeling like I was listening to Meshuggah. They are currently working on some new stuff but for your curiosity Im going to give you some of their old stuff just to prepare you. Enjoy!

Enjoy metal world! You’ve taken a glimpse into my sick and twisted mind where there is constant deranged carnival music playing…and metal