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Olathia: “Snake Charmer” Album Review


Olathia: “Snake Charmer” Album Review

So far, the SkullsnBones/Steel Panther “Best Underground Heavy Metal/Hard Rock Band Search” has been a real sausageFest. Finally, we get some kick-ass estrogen in the mix with the entry of Olathia.

Hailing from Cleveland (The Cleve!), Ohio, Olathia include the beautiful baddasse that is Chris E. who fronts this brutal buttkicking band of Buckeyes. They are already warming the cockles of my spleen because my family is from just outside Cleveland, so I’m all for all things Ohio.

With the release of their album, Snake Charmer, Olathia should spark the interest of any true headbanging hesher. This is good, old-fashioned, in-your-face heavy metal, and if it ain’t broke, don’t fucking fix it! Snake Charmer is one of those records that, in a perfect world where talent makes superstars, would make Olathia a household name in any hard rock household. It features topnotch production and songwriting, as well as one of the best album covers I’ve seen in a long time.

The double guitar attack of CJ Langmack and Greg Guben plays like thunder and lightning.These guys are a six-string double-threat of fretwork fury that is pure perfection. The driving force of drummer Brian Donahue and bassist Terry Johnson are solid and bombastic. Then there is Chris E, the voice of Olathia. She is smooth as velvet and butter and as tough as leather and chain mail. Sure, she’s gorgeous. Sure, if she was a succubus, I would carry her demon spawn in my man-womb, assuming, I had a man-womb, of course. I’m not going to take the easy road and do what most sexist reviewers would do and only compare her to other female vocalists. She’s as good as Doro or Floor Jansen or Cristina Scabbia, but her voice has the metaphorical “balls” of Dickinson, Halford and Snider.

The best thing about this Steel Panther contest is finding the cream that is floating to the top of the hidden music scene all around the world. And when we can expose people to bands like Olathia, that is what it’s all about. They gain new fans and you gain new music in your lives, which is winner winner chicken dinner for everybody. So, as always … Keep the horns up and keep it safe in the pit.

Snake Charmer is out now. Buy it here!

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