Okilly Dokilly Live Photos From Debonair Music Hall In Teaneck, NJ


Okilly Dokilly Live Photos From Debonair Music Hall In Teaneck, NJ

For a joke band, five angry Ned Flanders pack a hell of a punch.

That’s what everyone at the Debonair Music Hall in Teaneck, New Jersey, on Sunday, April 14, when Okilly Dokilly reeducated locals with equal parts Simpsons fandom and gut-crushing doom metal. The self-styled Heavy Nedal band first went viral over a year ago, and topped that just last week with a music video featured in an actual Simpsons episode.

With songs that call classic Simpsons and Ned Flanders moments to mind, like “You’re a Jerk, “When The Comet Gets Here,” “I Can’t Go, It’s A Geo,” and frontman Head Ned’s spot-on Flanders impression, there was plenty to satisfy fans of the greatest animated show in history. But for those looking to throw down in the pit, Okilly Dokilly was heavier than a 30-ton runaway donut. Screaming vocals, blast beats, and an eerie synth player dominated with crushing sound and slow, Sabbath-y grooves. Never was this more apparent that when the band covered “Yellow Submarine” in a nod to Flanders’ secret Beatles obsession, and turned the pop track into a brutal pit-stomper.

Head Ned stripped down to a skintight ski suit for the night’s final song, “Nothing At All,” giving fans one last chance to bash around the floor and pay homage to the surprisingly tight quintet. Don’t let the gimmick fool you – Okilly Dokilly are dead serious about both making you laugh and kicking your ass!