Obscura is easily one of the most impressive bands of our time, from masterful musicianship to general songwriting.  I listen to this band at least once a week, if not because I love the songs, then because they set the bar so high for progressive death metal bands.

Personally, I have never even tried to learn the bass tracks from these guys because I don’t play fretless so it would be half-assed even if I learned all the notes.  Luckily for anyone with the proper equipment and the ability to keep up with the speed and precision of some of today’s best players, Obscura has released a tab book for their latest album, “Omnivium.”

Get the Omnivium tab book here: http://www.realmofobscura.com/shop/
Get the Cosmogenesis tab book here: http://www.relapse.com/cosmogenesis-tab-book.html (limited qty left)

Don’t know how to read tabs, notes or english?  Here’s an instructional video by the band to get you started!  Good luck!

Obscura – Omnivium Tablature Book Session I (Vortex Omnivium)


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