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Obscene: “Sermon To The Snake” EP Review


Obscene: “Sermon To The Snake” EP Review

Obscene‘s EP Sermon to the Snake will be unleashed on January 18, and while it includes only four tracks, it is certainly enough to deliver their intended impact.

“Body of Tears” features a tantalizing and twisting resonance of guitars, bass, and drums that thoroughly sears your nerve endings. Vocalist Kyle Shaw’s vocals are balanced and distinct, not growling nor screaming, but perfectly encapsulating an old school death metal vibe. “Shadow Burial” captures galloping fretwork that will tingle your spine. My favorite off the EP is “Torture Tranquility” with its skull-crushing guitar riffs that will induce a proper pit, thanks to guitarists Mike Morgan and Josh Kappel, with a special mention to bassist Roy Hayes. Listen well and pick apart the instrumentation; each musician is in touch with his part.

Obscene is a Maryland Deathfest worthy band.

Sermon to the Snake is out January 18 on Horror Pain Gore Death. Buy it here!

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