Oblivion Get Pessimistic In “It Has Become” Music Video


Oblivion Get Pessimistic In “It Has Become” Music Video

Oblivion are the latest metal act to rage against the proverbeial machine with their new track and video, “It Has Become,” a crushing admonishment of the digital future that is unraveling day after day.

The track comes from the tech-death wizards’ sophomore long-player, The Path Towards…,” which was released last year via Unique Leader. The band features Antagony founder Dr. Nick Vasallo, All Shall Perish guitarist Ben Orum, thrash veteran Ted O’Neill, and former Zenith Passage drummer Luis Martinez.

Dr.Vasallo comments on “It Has Become,”

“It Has Become” represents some of the main themes from The Path Towards…: Despite the billions of years of evolution leading to humanity’s total preeminence, we have created a technological dominion that is quickly growing out of our reach.  The inter-tribal conflict and desire for material wealth that benefited us millennia ago in a harsher, simpler world now chains us to the bottom of a rising ocean in which survival demands unity and order at a higher level.  Our failure to surpass our limitations leaves a clear niche for a superior competitor to fill, to displace us, and to continue the cycle of oblivion.

Watch the video for Oblivion‘s “It Has Become” below, and buy The Path Towards… here!