Oblivion Gate: “Wisdom Of The Grave” Album Review


Oblivion Gate: “Wisdom Of The Grave” Album Review

If you’re a fan of gloom and doom and the wailing and lamentations of the damned, the new Oblivion Gate album, Wisdom of the Grave, is right up your alley.

Fairly new on the scene, Oblivion Gate is the work of Matron Thorn, mastermind of Benighted in Sodom, Ævangelist, and other projects. At the beginning of 2019, Thorn began Oblivion Gate to exorcise yet more demons – or summon them, perhaps – and digitally released two EPs. Wisdom of the Grave came second, and contained four dense, towering tracks. Now, with two additional brand-new songs, Wisdom of the Grave has become an album, finally and fully introducing Oblivion Gate to a wider audience on a grander scale.

Imagine if Bauhaus had gone doom instead of goth. Wisdom of the Grave is so dark and creepy you can smell mold and coffin dust in the air while listening to it. Even listening to this on a bright sunny day, it feels like a cold dreary and damp afternoon in Serbia in January. And, trust me, I know what I am talking about. I just spent three months in Serbia.

If you’re a fan of horror films, virgin sacrifices, Coffin Joe films and creeping out the neighbours, throw Wisdom of the Grave on. Nothing better than creeping out the neighbours, I always say.

Wisdom of the Grave is out now on ATMF. Buy it here!

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