Obituary: “Obituary” Album Review


Obituary: “Obituary” Album Review

Sometimes putting a new album on feels like coming home from a long day at work, grabbing a beer out of the fridge, and melting into your favorite couch. Obituary‘s new self-titled album has that familiar feel and tone to it, but it harnesses enough newness to keep you interested and head banging the entire time.  These guys are fucking legends in death metal, and for good reason.  John Tardy‘s furious, haunting shrieks should be patented. He truly is one of a kind.  The band is also firing on all cylinders here, and they leave nothing to be desired.

“Brave” opens in a flurry of razor sharp riffs, blazing drums, and shrieking guitars. It’s fast and furious, and it has a thrashy Slayer feel to it. “Sentence Day” continues the pummeling.  The guitar leads and fills are killer here, and it has a bit more of a melodic feel. “Lesson in Vengeance” slows it down to the sludgier, more traditional Obituary we know and love.  True death metal, Florida-style! “End It Now” starts at breakneck speed, then slows it down to a chugging, riff-heavy feast for the ears. “Kneel Before Me” is a tornado of riffs, bludgeoning you from every direction.  The breakdown in the middle is the definition of heavy!

Obituary aren’t breaking the death metal mold here, but they are creating an album of furious death metal songs that never get old or boring.  They know how to write  a song, keep it interesting, kick your ass, then move on to the next.  After 30 years and 10 albums, they prove that they are still a force to be reckoned with.

Obituary is out March 17 on Relapse Records. Pre-order it here!


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