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Obituary: “Inked In Blood” Review By Jason Zins!


Obituary: “Inked In Blood” Review By Jason Zins!

Florida’s Obituary are staples in American death metal. Their trademark slower, simpler take on the genre has influenced countless bands and graced the speakers of metal heads across the world since 1989’s classic Slowly We Rot. John Tardy‘s oozing snarl is just evil.

Tardy, along with brother and drummer Donald, longtime guitarist Trevor Peres, former Death bassist Terry Butler, and guitarist Kenny Andrews, have managed to once-again harness the raw energy and  power of Slowly We Rot and Cause of Death, and they have added modern day production to create one of their best albums to date, Inked in Blood.

“Centuries of Lies” leaps forth from the speakers in true Obituary form. It’s thrashy, fast, riff-oriented, and heavy as hell!  “Violent by Nature” reverts to their more traditional sound, and it’s slower, although it still retains the chugging bottom-end. “Visions in My Head” contains some killer guitar work during it’s slow, doomy break, and “Back on Top” demonstrates how Obituary can take brutal death metal and somehow make it catchy. “Violence” is another thrasher, and “Within A Dying Breed” brings back an old-school, Celtic Frost feel.

While Obituary continue to follow a formula that has consistently worked for them, it is clear that they do one thing, and they do it well. They play heavy as hell death metal with a very unique, stripped-down feel. I have been anticipating this album for a long time, and I am not disappointed.  If you are looking for Obituary doing what they do best, this album is for you.

Inked In Blood is out now on Relapse Records.

Rating: 4/5

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