Nullingroots: “Into The Grey” Album Review

Wow … where to begin with Nullingroots new album, Into the Grey? I have to be perfectly honest, at first listen, I was pretty much put off by it. Total honesty here, kiddos. But, I now have to confess that after repeated listening, it has grown on me. Go figure.

Cameron Boesch, the brains behind Nullingroots, has created an interesting record comprised of absolutely gorgeous, at times symphonic, instrumentation accompanied by brutally intense vocals that seem to come from a soul being rendered apart by Satan himself. I am immediately reminded of Ghost Bath, a band that threw me for a loop and then grew on me. What can I say? Sometimes it takes a few listens for these old ears to appreciate something new!

It may contain only five tracks, but Into the Grey contains a full album worth of passion and angst. King Rhino gives Nullingroots a big thumbs up on this effort and release.

Into the Grey is out now on Prosthetic Records. Buy it here!

Nullingroots - Promo - 2017

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