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Nuclear Assault Announces Their “Final Assault” Tour And A New EP!


Nuclear Assault Announces Their “Final Assault” Tour And A New EP!

Nuclear Assault is looking to make the most out of 2015! After a successful show at this year’s New England Metal & Hardcore Festival, the crossover legends have revealed their “Final Assault” tour, and have an update on their final recording! Here’s their statement: “In 2015, it will be 30 years since Nuclear Assault solidified our lineup and started making a name for ourselves in the metal/crossover scene. To commemorate this, the band will write and record another album and play some shows for a ‘Final Assault.’ The live front will be of a limited nature due to the reality of people in the band having careers that they can’t just walk away from for the time needed to go tour the world like we did in the ’80s. Nevertheless, we will try to do whatever we can, especially in the summer, to get out there and thrash for everyone again. Progress on writing music will not go quickly due to a couple of facts; we are geographically challenged, so we can’t just jam once a week like we used to, and we want to make sure that this album is really killer so we can go out with a big bang.

Nuclear Assault will be releasing their new EP called “Pounder” on June 1st via Sidipus Records, and will throw those new tracks in on the road with all of their classics! It goes without saying that impact that Nuclear Assault had on metal fans everywhere, and although it’s sad to say goodbye, let’s show the legends some of the craziest pits they’ve ever seen in 2015! The dates for their final tour are below! BE THERE!