Nox Formulae: “Drakon – Darshan – Satan” Album Review


Nox Formulae: “Drakon – Darshan – Satan” Album Review

Drakon – Darshan – Satan is described by Nox Formulae as a “sonic grimoire of Higher Black Magic.”This being their second album of Satanic black metal, it is based on At the Outskirts of the Shadow Current: The Dark Initiation in This Lifetime by Daemon Gharressieth. If you take a peek at their site, it describes a bit of their beliefs which sound alot like Satanism meets science fiction. This is an album you have to listen to multiple times to grasp its meaning. They certainly shine with a heavy Greek black metal influence, much like Rotting Christ ,and they also add some atmospheric and avant-garde elements. It adds a meaty feel that makes them unique.

Drakon – Darshan – Satan is not the type of album to just up and pick out one particular song. It is more of a bar doc type of “ritual” reading. I had hopes of getting the lyrics to read along but alas it will have to wait until the release date. If you check out the track listing you’ll have an idea of the themes fleshed out.

In reference to their first album, The Hidden Paths to Black Ecstasy, I prefer their previous use of chants, spoken words and more synths. Drakon – Darshan – Satan is more of a raw feel, and unfortunately, sounds more tinny with their rhythm. Otherwise, it is a decent enough “underground ” black metal album that retains an aggressive delivery.

Drakon – Darshan – Satan is out March 27 on Dark Descent Records. Pre-order it here!

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