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Nocturne Wulf: “NW” Album Review


Nocturne Wulf: “NW” Album Review

I’ve always been intrigued and, admittedly, rather envious of European countries. First of all, the metal festivals. I drool at the recaps and videos of most of them, and I wish that I could win the lottery and run amok in any country I want attending festivals for the remainder of my days. Secondly is the old world beauty of these countries – castles, mountains, forests, ancient towns brimming with folklore. You hear of all kinds of metal from the UK, the Netherlands, Spain, and Portugal, among others, and then, behold, you get a promotional package from a Scottish band and your mind erupts into a thousand images of what life must be like there. Nocturne Wulf have transported me to a world where old school metal reigned supreme and life was amazingly fun on their album NW.

Nocturne Wulf boast influences of Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, maybe a flair of Iced Earth, and, of course, Metallica. This is comfort metal, we’re not getting fancy here. “Gunslinger” offers a fresh and rollicking dose of thrashy speed metal, while “Necrodancer” storms along with devilish licks and a galloping pace before hitting massive riffs that spill right out of the speakers and into my cold black heart. “The Druid” is where I hear some Iced Earth influences with its storytelling lyrics and potent power metal style smoothness. Its is slowed down a bit than the other songs but it’s beautiful. We dive headlong into “Hell’s Heart” with more bards tales and a pace that ripples and twists along. The rumbling riffs of “Deadman Walkin” and the warrior themed “Barbarian” maintain a balance of dizzying complexity and soaring melodies.

Nocturne Wulf are rather charming to my ears, much like the old world resonates something ancient and beloved within me.

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