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So I have to say this is my first time listening to Nocturnal Breed, and I instantly feel like I’ve been thrown into a time machine to the late ’80s and early ’90s thrash scene. They have been quiet for the past seven years following their fourth studio album, but they are now coming refreshed and roaring with both new and old members on Napalm Nights.

Kicking it off strong, “The Devil Swept the Ruins” leaves you waiting for what comes next. The entire album does not let up, either. The title track’s 12 minutes of fury rides through tempo and vocal changes that force you to close your eyes and get sucked in.

The vocals are really what sell this for me; old school thrash with some higher, visceral, melodic pitches, often channeling Lemmy Kilmester of Motorhead. The drums are hellish, and the guitar riffs are reminiscent of early Dark Angel with a touch of Satyricon. These tracks range anywhere from five to 12 minutes and are sure to get all thrash fans raging.

Napalm Nights is a must-have. Its rage-filled mayhem and head-banging fun make my little black heart dance with happiness.

Napalm Nights is out now on Agonia Records.

Rating: 4/5 Stars