Metalheads who attended concerts in the ‘80s and ‘90s are familiar with the soundtrack. It is a mixture of classic metal, NWBHM, and thrash that played throughout venue speakers while roadies tuned instruments, twisted cables, and distributed setlists onstage. It is memories like these that are awakened by Night Demon on their sophomore long-player, Darkness Remains.

At a time when metal is the most aggressive and blasphemous it has ever been, throwbacks like Night Demon are remarkable. Not only do they capture a bygone vibe, but they do so with unwavering confidence. But it works. The title track flirts with Led Zeppelin‘s “No Quarter” in its distorted vocals and mythical themes, albeit with less punch, and the instrumental “Flight of the Manticore” rides a Steve Harris inspired gallop. The album closing “Welcome to the Night” sees the band flirting with KISS‘ “Love Gun” which, whether intentional or not, is also smile-worthy.

Much like their debut, Night Demon’s Darkness Remains continues to pledge allegiance to the sounds of yesterday. It is comfort music, if you will, and a refreshing reminder of the power of classic heavy metal.

Darkness Remains is out April 21 on Century Media Records. Pre-order it here.

Night Demon - Cover


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