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The great state of Texas has some serious secrets, particularly when it comes to the black metal. Take Nexul, for example, who are part of the Ordo Satanae Imperium collective along with Nyogthaeblisz and Hellvetron. All three bands are spreading the gospel of the left-hand path, and, of course, all three are signed to Hells Headbangers.

Nexul may be the youngest of the three band’s, but their vision is clear. They leave no doubt that they are preparing to set fire to this tumultuous world via The Paradigm of Chaos. According to their press release:

This Paradigm of Chaos was conceived over three years, during which time we plunged into entropy and strife, either through our own making or tribulation from external forces. What has emerged is a corporeal/ethereal mirror, a destructive pattern woven of audial lunacy and spiritual fervour towards the Great Dragon that is called LEVIATHAN.

Listen to the first single from The Paradigm of Chaos, “Dark God of Paradox and Eternal,” and keep your eyes on Hells Headbangers for release info.


Nexul - Cover


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