Steve Di Giorgio of Testament, Jack Gibson of Exodus, and Damien Sisson of Death Angel talk through their gear on this in-depth video of “Bass Strikes Back.” The three bands are on “The Bay Strikes Back” tour which concludes next week.

I have to admit I started watching and after 10 minutes I realized I was supposed to be sharing this. It’s worth the watch, especially for bass players.

Here’s a quote from Steve Di Giorgio from the press release:

The 3 bass players of The Bay Strikes Back tour. What a heavy combo! So me & my trusty bass tech Carlos Gunn have been putting together a show about the 3 bass players of this major tour. Jack & Damien and of course yours truly are pretty excited about this video series being made on the road, about playing on the road.
Bass players – go check it out! Thanks for watching and keep checking for the next episodes.

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