It doesn’t really get more underground than this. MVRDVRKVLTVR is proper blackened death. They released, “Mauled by Savagery” yesterday. Get some:

They say it best in their press release:

MVRDVRKVLTVR is a new blackened death metal project exploring the destructive forces residing behind the seemingly mundane aspects of everyday life. The record seeks to reveal the savagery beneath the veneer of civilization and the way the world’s inhabitants are daily subject to it. Humans, in truth, all share one culture — the KVLTVR of MVRDVR. And every government conceived by humans is subject to the same universal law — that of STRENGTH and POWER — the only TRVE law.

Musically, the project focuses on relentless rhythms, unceasing intensity, and pure rage in shaping a hellish soundscape. Anything that can be cut is cut. Only what is essential remains.

MVRDVRKVLTVR is a completely independent project.

Sire Mvrdvr: Vocals
Ekhthir Ithas: Guitar, songwriting, lyrics
Baron ov Butchery: Drums
Art: Skull by The Torturer Queen, other art by Death’s Disciple

Track listing:
1. Invocation
2. Worthless Sacrifice
3. Death in her Mercy
4. The Wall
5. Lord Deceiver
6. Strength is the Only Trve Law
7. Doxology


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