The Silverblack is an industrial metal band that will release a record later this year titled, “Judgment” via darkTunes Music Group in Germany. Their new record is apparently going to be more aggressive than their previous releases, and Fear Factory‘s Burton C. Bell is going to guest-perform on the title track of the album.

The press release about it came with a quote from the band:

“Doing features is pretty common these days, but we wanted this to be quite special and meaningful: Burton’s tone is unique, he is the voice of industrial metal and we wouldn’t be here playing this kind of music if it wasn’t for bands like Fear Factory who broke down boundaries within styles paving the way for what came next, so having him on our record is truly an honor and a one of a kind experience. His distinctive vocals brought the song to a whole new level and we can’t wait for people to hear it.”

This is what The Silverblack sounds like:

The Silverback Fear Factoy's Curton C. Bell



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