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New Noise: September 23, 2016 Metal Releases

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New Noise: September 23, 2016 Metal Releases

AllegaeonProponent for Sentience (Metal Blade Records)
Almah E.V.O (Test Your Metal Records)
BuddersideBudderside (Motorhead Music)
CarnophageMonument (Unique Leader)
Charred Walls of the DamnedCreatures Watching Over the Dead  (Metal Blade Records)
Cries of the CaptiveTotalitarian (Imminence Records)
CrobotWelcome to Fat City (Wind-Up Records)
DarkwellMoloch (Massacre Records)
DysrhythmiaThe Veil of Control (Profound Lore Records)
InsomniumWinter’s Gate (Century Media Records)
Monte Pittman Inverted Grasp of Balance (Metal Blade Records)
NeurosisFires Within Fires (Neurot Recordings)
Saint VitusLive Vol. 2 (Season of Mist)
SourceReturn to Nothing (Pavement Entertainment)
The SwordLow Country (Razor & Tie)
Trap Them Crown Feral (Prosthetic Records)
True WidowAvvolgere (Relapse Records)
UsurpressThe Regal Tribe (Agonia Records)
WitchskullThe Vast Electric Dark (Ripple Music/STB Records)

ValborgWerewolf (Temple Of Torturous)

EnslavedVikingligr Veldi (By Norse Music)