Albez DuzWings Of Tzinacan (Listenable)
Altered PerceptionsFrom Rise to Ruins (Artery Recordings)
Anaal NathrakhThe Whole of the Law (Metal Blade Records)
Blind EgoLiquid (Gentle Art of Music)
CognitiveDeformity (Unique Leader)
CrowbarThe Serpent Only Lies (eOne Music)
Crucified MortalsPsalms of the Dead Choir (Hells Headbangers)
DehumanizedBeyond the Mind (Comatose Music)
Deranged Struck By A Murderous Siege (Agonia Records)
Dirkschneider Live- Back To The Roots (AFM Records)
DopeBlood Money, Part 1 (eOne Music)
EndemiseAnathema (Independent)
Eternal HalloweenEternal Halloween (Into the Light Records)
KryptsRemnants of Expansion (Dark Descent Records)
Madder MortemRed In Tooth And Claw (Dark Essence Records)
ManateesHelvellyn (Shelsmusic)
Principality of HellSulfur & Bane (Osmose Productions)
Satanic WarmasterBlack Metal (Kommando / Gas Chamber Hells Headbangers)
Serpentine DominionSerpentine Dominion (Metal Blade Records)
The Black Scorpio UndergroundNechrocasm (Husk/Prison Tatt Records)
TestamentBrotherhood of the Snake (Nuclear Blast Records)
TowerTower (The End Records)
UlcerateShrines of Paralysis (Relapse Records)
Whores.Gold (eOne Music)


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