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New Noise: January 13, 2017 Metal Releases

Get them while they are hot!

New Noise: January 13, 2017 Metal Releases

Black Anvil – As Was (Relapse Records)
ChrysalisReminder (Chrysalis Music)
Condenados The Tree of Death (Shadow Kingdom Records)
FirewindImmortals (AFM Records)
GothicDemons (Loud Rage Music)
Grave DiggerHealed By Metal (Napalm Records)
HeremIII (Inverse Records)
Reality Slap Limitless (WAR Records)
SepulturaMachine Messiah (Nuclear Blast Records)
SpectralArctic Sunrise (Boersma – Records)
The DripThe Haunting Fear of Inevitability (Relapse Records)
White Light CemeteryCareful What You WIsh For (Ripple Music)

Destroy the LineWar EP Bird Attack Records
Jupiter HollowOdyssey EP Independent

VondSlevmord (Funeral Industries)
VondThe Dark River (Funeral Industries)
VondGreen Eyed Demon (Funeral Industries)
VondAids for the People (Funeral Industries)