New Noise: February 24, 2017 Metal Releases

A Breach of SilenceSecrets (Eclipse Records)
American GrimFreakshow (eOne Music / Rocktagon Worldwide Music)
AntropomorphiASermon ov Wrath (Metal Blade Records)
Armored SaintCarpe Noctum (Metal Blade Records)
BathshebaServus (Svart Records)
BenightedNecrobreed (Season of Mist)
Blackened SymphonyBlackened Symphony (Art Gates Records)
BloodboundWar of Dragons (AFM Records)
Cold FellIrwell (Argento Records)
Crystal FairyCrystal Fairy (Ipecac Recordings)
Death AlleyLive at Roadburn (Tee Pee Records)
DisperseForeward (Season of Mist)
Escape is Not FreedomGoldsmith (Independent)
Eve to AdamOdyssey (Rocktagon Worldwide Music(
Ex DeoThe Immortal Wars (Napalm Records)
FairytaleBattlestar Rising (Art Gates Records)
Ghastly SoundGhastly Sound (Magnetic Eye Records)
GoatmoonStella Polaris (Werewolf Records)
HarkMachinations (Season of Mist)
Helion Prime – Helion Prime (AMF Records)
ImmolationAtonement (Nuclear Blast Records)
In Thousand LakesAge of Decay (Xtreem Music)
KadinjaAscendancy (Klonosphere/Season of Mist)
Kill the PrecedentSome Version Of The Truth (Minus Head Records)
King WomanCreated in the Image of Suffering (Relapse Records)
KingnomadMapping The Inner Void (Ripple Music)
MordbrandWilt (Carnal Records)
OozepusYour Limit (Malignant Records)
PersefoneAathma (Vicisolum Productions)
Place VendomeClose to the Sun (Frontiers Music s.r.l.)
Power TripNightmare Logic (Southern Lord Records)
PyogenesisA Kingdom to Disappear (AFM Records)
Reaping AsmodeiaImpuritize (Prosthetic Records)
Rebel SoulsThe Forces Of Darkness (Art Gates Records)
Rebel WizardTriumph of Gloom (Prosthetic Records)
Sainted SinnersSainted Sinners (El Puerto Records Gbr)
SicociS Requiem of the World (M-Theory Audio)
Six Feet UnderTorment (Metal Blade Records)
Spectral DescentDescending The Astral Plane (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)
StrikerStriker (Record Breaking Records)
Suicide SilenceSuicide Silence (Nuclear Blast Records)
SunlessUrraca (Independent)
Trepid ElucidationUpcoming Reality (Mosher Records)
Unearthly TranceStalking the Ghost (Relapse Records)
Unruly ChildCan’t Go Home (Frontiers Music s.r.l.)
Words of FarewellA Quiet World (AFM Records)
Zombie Motors Wrecking YardSupersonic Rock n Roll (Napalm Records)

MidnightShox of Violence (Hells Headbangers)
Resonance Cascade/Järnbörd HyperakusiSplit (Wooaaargh/Downfall Records)
XibalbaDiablo, Con Amor… Adios (Closed Casket Activities)

Black Army Jacket222 (Magic Bullet Records)
Black Army JacketClosed Casket (Magic Bullet Records)
DemoncyWithin the Sylvan Realms of Frost (Nuclear War Now! Productions)
MolochVerwüstung (Argento Records)
SanctuaryInception (Century Media Records)



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