OH HELL YES! New Cattle Decapitation music is coming! Front man, Travis Ryan, posted this on his personal Facebook page: “Word from the Cattle rehearsal room is we almost have the first song for the next album finished! I’ really looking forward to penning some new stuff, Ive got song titles galore saved up. Apparently I’m gonna have a field day with this first one.

He also added, “We will soon be announcing four western shows we are doing with a legendary band in January!

So not only is new material from the band in the works, but future shows are coming as well! This rules in so many ways! Cattle Decapitation is truly a band that pushes extreme metal’s boundaries to new levels with each album, so prepare to be blow away by the new tunes. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, 2009’s “The Harvest Floor” is one of my favorite extreme metal records of all time, and then they followed it up with last year’s “Monolith of Inhumanity,” which was just as incredible! So to say I’m excited for the new stuff is a HUGE understatement. I want it NOW! GET FUCKING READY!


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