Back in 2012, Nergal, from the almighty Behemoth, released his highly anticipated autobiography, “Spowiedz Heretyka – Sacrum Profanum,” in Poland to a HUGE response from fans in his homeland. Unfortunately for those of us in the States, we were told that we would have to wait for an English version, because he wanted the right publisher. Well it looks like he found one! Here’s the latest update from the band this morning: “We are proud to announce that we are negotiating the deal with English book publisher Jawbone (Cliff Burton, Randy Rhoads, Max Cavalera) for Nergal’s autobiography ‘Sacrum Profanum: The Confession Of The Heretic’. Expect the English edition early 2015!

From the start of this band, to all of the controversies, to his battle with leukemia and his powerful return to the stage, Nergal has lived the life of a legend! Behemoth has grown into one of the giants of our metal scene, and after releasing “The Satanist” earlier this year, they look absolutely unstoppable! The mastermind behind it all is Nergal, and now we can finally read his story in his own words next year! Get stoked by watching all of the trailers for the autobiography below!





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