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Nekrokraft: “Servants” Album Review


Nekrokraft: “Servants” Album Review

Nekrokraft are described as “Swedish blackened thrash,” and they rage in full of force with their debut album, Servants. The themes of the lyrics are based on Babylonian and Scandinavian folklore as heard on the song “Mouth ov Ahriman,” the evil, destructive spirit in the dualistic doctrine of Zoroastrianism. It’s a decent enough track but just lacks that something that grabs your attention. “Lechery” is a little better, offering intense and complex assaults and passionate bellows. I also appreciated the sonic ballast of thick, gritty guitars and bass on “Brimstone and Flames.”

Although Servants is true to form in its manner of primal and unrefined metal, I find the instrumentation lacks cohesion with the vocals and lyrics. With all due respect, perhaps Nekrokraft are best heard live.

Servants is out May 4 on The Sign Records. Keep an eye out for pre-order information here!

Nekrokraft - Promo - 2018