Nekrogoblikon: “Welcome To Bonkers” Album Review

Yay, a new Nekrogoblikon album!

Nekrogoblikon popped onto my radar a few years ago, and I can remember enjoying them and getting a kick out of their shtick. An adept metal band with songwriting chops and a goblin for a frontman? Imagine if GWAR had done the soundtrack to the Lord of the Rings films.

Welcome to Bonkers is most likely going to show up on my best of 2018 list this December. With a Queen-like approach to songwriting mixed with a Mushroomhead-sensibility, Nekrogoblikon are a band I would absolutely kill to see live. The thought of seeing these songs performed onstage literally makes me salivate!

And really, when you can craft a song as sweet and beautiful as “Goblins,” you can take my money.

Welcome to Bonkers is out April 13 on Seek and Strike Records. Buy it here!

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