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Nekrofilth: “Worm Ritual” Album Review


Nekrofilth: “Worm Ritual” Album Review

Nekrofilth have been rather busy in the last five years, the members persuing various side projects since their debut, 2013’s Devil’s Breath. The Ohio metal trio – Zack Ripper, Disgustin Justin and Shaggy – have returned with Worm Ritual. As a companion to the album, a covers EP entitled Love Me Like a Reptile will also be released.

With precision and velocity, Nekrofilth grind along at insatiable speeds. Songs including “Rot With the Dead,” “Feast of the Rats” and title track subject listeners to a chaotic whirlwind of a thick miasma of horror and gore. Throughout the 15 songs on the album there are elements of death metal, thrash, punk and grind all mixed together into a bloody, meaty stew. Ripper belches out subterranean barks and maniacal screeches as notions of any restraint are thrown out the window. A little treat appears in the band’s reading of Venom’s “Poison.”

The songs are kept compact and concise for maximum deathly impact, and Nekrofilth avoid getting bogged down or incomprehensible. Worm Ritual is solid, to-the-point, gory death metal with no frills and a relentless pace.

Worm Ritual is out December 28 on Hells Headbangers. Pre-order it here!

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