Friend of SkullsNBones and all-around badass Jason Lekberg, his former IKILLYA brothers Rob Broderick (bass) and Drew Maciejewsk (drums) have come together with Dustin Tooker on guitars and Paul Cibrano on keys to form New York City’s, Nefariant.

Nefariant took several years to form and write their first tracks after the death of IKILLYA, needing time to find their sound and produce what is a sound that feels like a mixture of Type-O-Negative and Insomnium. It’s definitely a sound all their own and worth a listen!

Nefariant will perform several debut shows, starting February 28th in their hometown of New York City. Check out Nefariant‘s, “Victim” from the debut right here:

Nefariant EP Release

Nefariant, Self Titled EP

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