Nefariant: “Nefariant” EP Review


Nefariant: “Nefariant” EP Review

Loyal SkullsNBones readers surely recognize Jason Lekberg’s name. He is one of the founders of the site and frontman for the now-defunct IKILLYA, admittadly one of the SnB staff’s favorite underground acts.

After a few years searching for his next musical venture following the dissolution of his band, Lekberg is back with Nefariant. Featuring former IKILLYA bandmates Rob Broderick (bass) and Drew Maciejewski (drums), as well as Dustin Tooker (guitars) and Paul Cibrano (piano), these veteran players pack a wallop on their self-titled, three-song EP. The opening “Victim” is a slow burner, chugging beneath Lekberg’s dynamic vocals with flourishes of piano and strings adding to its depth. “Preta” offers beauty in its orchestration as a counterpoint to the rage of the vocals, including a piano interlude casting a unique web that grows stickier with each listen. “Life of Fire” may well be the catchiest metal track released so far this year, with a melodic chorus afloat waves of ivory, “Life on fire, Isn’t it romantic, All this goddamn panic.”

Jason Lekberg and his IKILLYA brothers are back in full form, and Nefariant is unlike anything currently blasting from hesher’s speakers at maximum volume. Dig in – you won’t be sorry.

Nefariant is out now. Buy it here!

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