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Necrotted: “Worldwide Warfare” Album Review


Necrotted: “Worldwide Warfare” Album Review

Out now on Rising Nemesis Records is Necrotted’s third release, Worldwide Warfare. Formed in 2008 and originating from Abtsgmund Baden-Wurtemberg, Germany, the band have produced an album that overflows with propulsive energy. The steel-grinding sound is created by Fabian Fink, Pavlos Chatzistavridis, Philipp Fink, Johannes Wolf, Koray Saglam and Markus Braun.

“Forlorn Planet” is notable as an insane percussive affair sounding like war drums sending men off to glory or death. “My Foray, Your Decay” is of nefarious intent, a thunderous blend of death and black metal. Most poignant is “No War But Class War” with hyper-speed riffs. The guitars are churning progressions of rhythmic titanic weight, growling evil vocals grasp deep to the bowels of your soul.

The emphasis of speed is hardly a novelty. Necrotted craft riffs that are surprisingly varied for this genre, and they create a chunky texture that remains invigorating throughout this album. Worldwide Warfare is German death metal slicing into your veins.

Worldwide Warfare is out now on Rising Nemesis Records. Buy it here!

Necrotted - Promo - 2017