Death metal is an unwavering staple in the heavy metal world. It’s punishing and unforgiving. California’s Necrot, with their debut full-length Blood Offerings, are here to carry the death metal flag well into the future for the genre. Their brand of metal is raw, fast and razor sharp. I hear influences ranging from Bolt Thrower to Death to Asphyx. Make no mistake about it, this is a pummeling at it’s finest!

“The Blade” opens up the album in grand fashion. Luca Indrio’s vocals are guttural and straight from the depths of hell. The song is mid-tempo at first, then breaks into a galloping death feast. A screaming guitar solo from Sonny Reinhardt demonstrates exactly how this album is going to treat you as the song comes to an end. “Rather Be Dead” has a Bay Area thrash feel to it, like early Exodus. The mid-section slows a bit and delivers the massive riff of the song. “Shadows and Light” picks the pace right back up to a frenzied gallop. It’s death metal proper and reminds me of Obituary. The title track keeps the same frenzied pace, and drummer Chad Gailey really exhibits his chops here. He’s a crushing drummer, no matter the tempo! “Empty Hands” injects a bit more depth with some melodic guitars in the beginning, and then the beatings begin during the verse. It’s my favorite here, and it’s like a call to arms for the band. “Beneath” is darker and deeper than anything else here. “Layers of Darkness” is a balls-to-the-wall outro to the album. It screams Bolt Thrower, but the band keeps it their own.

Necrot have a killer death metal album with Blood Offerings. It’s not overproduced, and it rings of the old school of the genre.

Blood Offerings is out June 9 on Tankcrimes Records. Pre-order it here!

Necrot Promo Photo 2017


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