Necrosexual - Grim 1 - Cover

It’s tough to indulge in old school black metal. You either love it or hate it. Unfortunately, there is quite an onslaught of bands trying to capture the sound and soulless grim feeling that yesterday’s groups used to slaughtered listeners’ senses.

Necrosexual hail from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and with their upcoming release, Grim 1, they have made a bold attempt at capturing that old school sound. The Necrosexual‘s vocals could be grand, and he attempts to pay homage to the classic screeches of King Diamond and other classic metallers. If you take a listen to “Necrosexual Encounter” and “My Kind of Freaks,” though, the guitar, bass, and drumming sound like separate entities from his vocals and clash with his cadence. The lyrics are perfect, but the vocals and instrumentation are disjointed. 

Here’s to hoping that their live shows demonstrate more strength than Grim 1.

Grim 1 is independently released and out February 23. Buy it here!

Necrosexual - Promo - 2018


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