Necrodeath: “The Age Of Dead Christ” Album Review

I had never heard of Italian black metal band Necrodeath until their eleventh and latest album, The Age of Dead Christ, landed in my review inbox like a sonic bomb. Having not heard their previous releases, which stretch back to their formation in 1984, I was thrust into this one cold, although I was soon thoroughly engaged.

Originally formed under the name of Ghostrider, Necrodeath are one of the first extreme metal bands to emerge from Italy, and they list Venom, Bathory, Slayer, Kreator and Celtic Frost as influences. They are notable for their “wall of sound” which is evident on The Age of Dead Christ.

From the opening track, “The Whore of Salem,” to the closing title track, the album is unquestionably brutal and is the epitome black metal. Peso’s percussion and Flegias’s vocals  tear into your flesh, and Pier Gonella is a beast on his axe. Blast “ The Master of Mayhem” and let its savagery inundate your brain cells. “The Return of the Undead” is a new version of the band’s original “The Undead” from their 1987 album Into the Macabre, this time featuring A.C. Wild of Bulldozer on vocals.

I checked out previous their earlier work, and there is a solid reason to their longevity. Necrodeath hold their weight in beautiful aggression.

The Age of Dead Christ is out March 9 on Scarlet Records. Pre-order it here!

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