Neal Tiemann Is The New Guitarist In DevilDriver!

Drummer John Boecklin and guitarist Jeff Kendrick left DevilDriver last October on good terms, but as Dez promised the fans, “DevilDriver will be back in 2016 with a new record.” Well Dez was not lying! Earlier this year it was revealed that Austin D’Amond is the new drummer in the band(details here), and now we know who the latest guitarist is too! Neal Tiemann is the new shredder in DevilDriver, and this is going to rule! Neal is well known as one of the strongest guitar players out there, and his addition to the group will only make them better! Here’s what Dez had to say on his Instagram, “Ladies and Gents please WELCOME @nealfingtiemann To The DEVILDRIVER LINE-UP! Now together with @michaelspreitzer @fnaustile83 They have about 11 Songs and are writing on a constant together! LET THE GROOVE TIMES ROLL!

HELL YES! With the official lineup now in place, they can focus on finishing the new record for 2016, and returning to destroy the stage as only DevilDriver knows how too! GET STOKED!


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