Nate Garrett Of Toad Interview About Randy Blythe Manslaughter Charges And More!


Nate Garrett Of Toad Interview About Randy Blythe Manslaughter Charges And More!

Take Over And Destroy
Take Over And Destroy

Nate Garrett, Toad

When a fan jumps on stage and doesn’t jump off, what do you do?

We tend to let the people at our shows participate however they see fit. If it interferes with or detracts from another person’s experience, that’s where the problem arises. Usually these things work themselves out but sometimes it’s necessary to take action in order to keep someone from ruining the vibe. This is true as both a performer and an audience member. We don’t appreciate it when someone tries to ruin a show we want to see, and we expect our audience to feel the same way.

Have you ever injured a fan while performing?

We prefer to injure each other.

Have you ever thought about what would happen if you accidentally killed a fan while performing?


What are your thoughts on the Randy Blythe case?

It’s complete and utter bullshit. The moment members of the crowd decide to get on a stage, whatever happens to them is their responsibility, period. We encourage crowd participation, release of aggression, and violence at our shows. At the same time, when you participate in the experience by stage diving, crowd surfing, or even being in the front row for that matter, anything that happens to you is because of a decision you made. It’s a shame the kid died but it’s his fucking fault. Learn how to bust your ass falling off a stage without dying, it’s easy.

Will you tour in the Czech Republic in the future?

Absolutely. There’s no reason why this situation would stop us.

Anything you’d like to add?

A United States Citizen is being wrongfully detained in a foreign country and something needs to be done about it. Randy is a decent person and doesn’t deserve this.