It has been 30 fucking years, 15 awesome albums, and Napalm Death have been grinding from the beginning. In fact, I would call them the godfathers of grindcore. They laid the foundation for the entire genre and have not slowed down or mellowed out one iota.

The pace and overall feel of Apex Predator – Easy Meat can only be described as frantic. These guys will stop at nothing to get their message across. Mark “Barney” Greenway delivers his politically-laced lyrics with such guttural, reckless abandon that you’d think he was 20 again! Mitch Harris‘ guitar work is, of course, right on pace and flawless, and Danny Herrera‘s drum work is impeccable. How he is able to keep this freight train on pace is beyond me. Shane Embury brings the bottom end on bass and holds the solid groove. At first listen, the bass sounds a bit buried, but put your headphones on. You will hear what an awesome production this is!

The title track kicks it off in an ambient, weird way with spoken words amid Gregorian chants and tribal beats. It’s haunting. “Smash A Single Digit” blasts out at you with a violent chokehold, and the frantic blend of punk, hardcore and death metal, brings you front and center to the pit! “Metaphorically Screw You” is no less ferocious, yet it holds a familiar groove. “How The Years Condemn,” the first single, is my favorite here, and Greenway’s vocals are fierce. While the song speeds by at an abusive pace, you can feel the groove within the awesome drum playing of Herrera. “Timeless Flogging” is classic Napalm Death, and it’s another headbanger that you will be singing for days. “Cesspits” is a bit slower, but it holds that aforementioned groove impeccably. “Bloodless Coup” is straight-to-the-gut, violent grindcore at it’s best.

If it isn’t clear yet, I love Apex Predator – Easy Meat. Napalm Death are a staple in metal, and this album will go down in history as one of their best!

Apex Predator – Easy Meat is out January 26 on Century Media Records.

Rating: 5/5 stars

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