Nails are an enigma in modern metal. Their sound transcends and crosses so many genres that it is almost impossible to assign them to one specific genre. Think Napalm Death meets Slayer hanging with Cro-Mags. They are violent, and spew forth so much hate that it makes the hair stands up on the back of your neck. Todd Jones (vocals/guitars), John Gianelli (bass) and Taylor Young (drums) have the power of riffs down to a science on You Will Never Be One of Us. The album was also produced by none other than Kurt Ballou of Converge who has harnessed the rawness of the Nails but with production that is no less than stellar!

The title track goes straight for the jugular, and it’s fast as hell and pissed off! “Friend To All” has that old school punk/hardcore feel. It’s short, clocking in at less than a minute, but it grasps you by the throat the entire time. “Made To Make You Fall” has a thrash feel to it, including screaming guitars. “Life Is A Death Sentence” is insane with abundant blast beats and face-melting vocals. In the middle there is a breakdown perfect for the mosh pit. “Violence is Forever” brings forth that thrash/death metal feel, and the raw energy Nails produce here is absolutely breathtaking! “Savage Intolerance” is one of my favorite songs here. It’s another run away freight train, coming at you at warp speed. Jone’s vocals are like a rasp to the skin. “They Come Crawling Back,” the 8-plus minute outro for the album, fits perfectly. It’s bleak, and it harnesses the true power of the band.

Nails have their best release to date with You Will Never Be One Of Us. It must be heard to truly be appreciated.

You Will Never Be One Of Us is out June 17 on Nuclear Blast RecordsPre-order it here!

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Nails - You Will Never Be One Of Us - Artwork


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