I’ve always had some reservations when it comes to black metal as a genre, and that’s not because I don’t consider it to be well-respected or of any less than value than other sub-genres under the metal umbrella. It’s more because I can occasionally find the compositions so chaotic that I struggle to really find any substance to grasp. I was pleasantly surprised, then, when I listened to the second album from Swedish, one-woman project Nachtlieder, The Female Of The Species.

Sure, the album has that distinguished black metal sound within every track, each being inclusive of the typical fast riffs, intense drums and piercing screams. However, there’s a great sense of foreboding and unease about this second offering that actually makes it more of an interesting listen than most. A prime example of this is the sludge-ridden “Eve” which contains possibly the strongest, most hair-raising riff on the album. It’s not long before the hell-bent drums and towering guitars return in “Silence and Devastation,” though, and we’re back on the train of black metal fury.

Although Dagny Susanne‘s vocals are fairly similar throughout with little variation, she compliments the instrumentation and the general aggressive nature of the tracks. In all seriousness, she has done a pretty awesome job with The Female Of The Species having written the whole record herself with the exception of Martrum‘s breakneck drumming. Just listen to the menacing guitar work in “Fatale” or the spiralling chaos of the closing track, but take a second to remember that this was all created by one pretty hardcore lady. Perhaps my collection of black metal music may still remain fairly minimal, but I now have a greater appreciation for the genre. If you’re a black metal fan, you will definitely find something to enjoy here.

The Female Of The Species is out now on I, Voidhanger Records. Buy it here!

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